How do I love ING? Let me count the ways…

Seriously, I really do love this organization. They give you to $25 just to open an account with a stellar interest rate that is always increasing. They make it so simple to deposit and transfer funds. In addition to savings and checking accounts, they also provide home loans, investment, and retirement accounts. But what I really love are their contests. I’m competitive by nature and I LOVE saving, so naturally, I am always watchING out for the next contest.

Their latest contest really jumped out at me. Adventures in Savings challenges story writers of all ages to write a fictitious children’s story that espouses a financial lesson. There are separate categories – child, teen, and adult – and one winner from each will win $1,000 and have their financial fable illustrated and published.

I applaud ING’s efforts to teach kids about money at an early age. Call me a cynic, but I feel like so many financial institutions aim to keep us in the dark about these matters (young and old). Credit card companies reward you for spending above your means, and slap you with a hefty penalty for any spending mishaps, no matter how minor.

Or you could call me naïve for raving about ING’s latest contest to encourage saving. You may be thinking – sure they want to encourage saving, as long as you save with them. And sure credit card companies want to keep consumers in the dark about late payments and high interest rates – that’s how they make their money.

Either way, I think this contest is just swell. I’m already brainstorming about money morals…