Grocery shopping. A necessary evil for me. Don’t get me wrong – I love to eat. And I love to shop. I just don’t love shopping for food. Maybe it’s because haven’t cultivated my cooking skills, or I’m impatient and often procrastinate and end up going to the supermarket when I’m starving, and I end up buying food I never eat. But likely it’s because I disagree with my live-in boyfriend about grocery shopping, and eating habits in general.

I must admit I am somewhat resentful of my boyfriend because he eats whatever he wants (and often he chooses rather unhealthy options) and cannot gain a pound. I’m quite the opposite. I try to watch what I eat, not only for health reasons, but also because my weight tends to spike right alongside my bloodsugar.

But alas, I have convinced my boyfriend to adopt some healthier eating habits. And I think we can both agree that we spend too much money on food that is basically garbage. We have decided to adopt a new method of grocery shopping for us – perimeter shopping. Ever notice how the perimeter of the store is where all the basic food groups live? Typically, the produce, dairy, meat department, and bakery (jury’s still out in my house as to whether the bakery constitutes a basic food group) are all located around the outside of the store. As you venture to the center of the store, you’ll find all the processed foods – including cookies, chips, sugary cereals, etc. Ironically, these food are often much more expensive than the healthier, fresher choices around the outside of the grocery store.

Yeah, I understand it is necessary to visit the center isles for a few essentials (for me this includes the coffee and tea isle). When isle shopping (as opposed to perimeter shopping), remember to look beyond eye level. Typically, on the cereal isle in particular, the popular name brands are strategically placed at eye level. If you look above or below, you may find some less pricey, even generic (gasp!) brands. This may not save you calories, but it will likely save you a few bucks. And remember the cardinal rule of grocery shopping: NEVER shop hungry.