It’s been a little over two months since my Expedia fiasco. After being tempted by their low fares, my sister rolled the dice and booked an airfare, hotel, and car rental package, hoping for the best. Maybe she thought my “experience” was an isolated incident. Wishful thinking.

ONE DAY before (actually, less – maybe 15 hrs before), she received a voicemail from an Expedia customer service rep, explaining she could view her updated itinerary online. Hmmm…they usually don’t call to remind you to view your itinerary. I guess the word “updated” was a red flag. Turns out Expedia took the liberty of updating her itinerary for her, by bumping her flight to the following day. When she called, they completely denied this and told her she must have updated it herself. WHAT?

Why do they think this is okay? People have commitments, jobs, and families to get home to. It would be one thing if the company admitted they overbooked the flight and offered compensation. But to turn the blame to the customer is just insulting.

Please, please, please do not book with Expedia. Two out of two (of my personal) experiences in two months have been horrible. Their rates are good, but you are gambling with your travel experience when you book with them.

What needs to happen to shut this company down???

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