Ever feel like you’re going stir-crazy? Like your world is closing in on you and you just need to get away? Like it’s been too long since your last vacation. Well, taking that extra vacation may not just refresh you temporarily. According to this study, women who take two vacations per year, instead of one, are less likely to suffer from depression, tension, and fatigue as they homebody counterparts. Frequent vacationers also report more job and marriage satisfaction.

Too bad our government doesn’t support this notion. Americans receive on average of only two weeks of paid vacation per year, compared with a month or more in many other countries.

Think you can’t take at least two vacations a year without breaking the bank? Consider visiting a family member or friend in another part of the country. Family and friends often make great hosts – just make sure you are a good houseguest. Or you could try couchsurfing. Camping can be fun…(I’m trying to type that with a straight face and clear conscience). How about splitting your annual vacation into two shorter trips? It doesn’t have to be the South of France or an African safari to be considered a vacation. Sometimes just getting out of town can do wonders for your well-being.

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